Internal Thread Inspection System
Series GJ-GJ

  • Range-Adjustable and Fixed-Size Configurations
  • The Ideal Inspection System for High Volume or High Value Parts or Applications Demanding a Versatile and Economic Thread Inspection Solution
  • Functional Segment Helical Profile Identical in Design to the GO Thread Plug Gage
  • Additional Thread Sizes Easily Integrated into Basic Design
  • Bench or Portable for In and Out-of-Machine Inspection
  • Direct Replacement for Thread GO and NOT GO Thread Plug Gages
  • Equal and Simultaneous Segment Engagement
  • Self-Centralizing and Self-Supporting
  • Integral Segment Flex Eliminator Assures Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Capability to Incorporate Extra-Length Gage Elements As Required by Application
  • System Linearity and Versatility Eliminates Need for Special Plug Gages
  • Hardened Surfaces and Bearing-Actuated Slides Assure Accuracy, Repeatability and Extended Gage Life

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